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Q&A with Sam Fox on her debut movie

Sam wears Archive01. 2 pieces sequin ensemble available for rental. For further inquiries email me at

Sam wears Archive01. 2 pieces sequin ensemble available for rental. For further inquiries email me at

I met Sam Fox few years ago via friends in the LA underground music scene. We became good friends pretty much instantly. “Sam Sam” as i like to call her, has this quality about her. Definitely a forward thinker, she was one of the first person i approached about my project, not only as my friend to bounce ideas off, but as a contributor. Sam is the perfect muse, her personality is so vibrant. She embodied perfectly the vision i have for ARCHIVE. I knew she would push and explore further, put herself into characters to bring my vision to life. Having her on board for my first photoshoot was a total blessing. She is a very smart multi talented young lady. Get to know her name, she is well on her way to paving a yellow brick road for herself .

I.S: Sam Sam, i just recently saw your first movie “WOWZERS” that you co/wrote co/directed and played the lead character. So brilliant! Can you tell us how the movie came about?

S.F: I was enrolled in a summer Shakespearean acting course at RADA in London. During this time I lived in quite the soulless student dorm with my fellow classmates. Due to an extreme case of stress induced insomnia coupled with this immense artistic overwhelm, I found a desire to write and direct my first horror film. We shot on an iPhone, using my RADA dorm mates in the wee hours between classes and homework. I made The Lag in a couple nights and instantly became addicted to the creative control I harnessed from writing and directing my own vision. As soon as I got home I wanted to do it for real. I hit up Ace Thor, Wowzers co-writer and director. I’d known him for years as the son of my acting coaches and he like me, is an admirer of the strange and macabre. I told him about this idea for a script and instantly a partnership was born. We wrote and re-wrote the script for Wowzers about four times before realizing it wasn’t working and abandoning it. After a few weeks pause, we came to our senses and started the whole thing over from scratch. This time it worked. I would be playing the main character and the key to the script was finding something in her that I could relate to. As soon as that was done, Ace and I wrote it and went into production. 90% of our cast and crew came from the acting studio that we were all members of. We begged, borrowed and stole our way into completion of this film. With a couple of nervous breakdowns, we managed to shoot it in four days. After an exciting and tedious year in post with Ace adding old school psychedelic special effects and an insanely good score and sound design, Wowzers was finally ready for festival entry. The first film festival we entered, LA Film Awards, won us three awards for Best Indie Short, Best Ensemble and Best Horror. I soon realized that this is what I was meant to be doing.

I.S: How can the public have access to it? Is it screening somewhere or will it be soon? 

S.F: Well I’m happy you ask! Wowzers just got accepted into one of LA’s top film festivals, Dances with Films, and we have the honor of screening at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood and Highland June 21st. This is very exciting for us. The Chinese Theatre is one of LA’s most iconic movie venues and to have the opportunity to screen our film here is beyond my wildest dreams. All the information can be found on the film’s Instagram @wowzersmovie. Once the film festival season is over and done with, we will upload onto Vimeo, YouTube or any other platform that would like to host us.

I.S: What are you up too now? Another script /projects? What is the best way to get in touch with you?

S.F: I recently discovered the perfect niche for me. Practically all my friends are ravers and throw parties around LA. I always found the flyers for dance parties lose momentum after the first post, yet there is still a need for promotion. As a solution to this problem, I decided to set up a one stop shop party promotion service where I write a sketch inspired by the event, do everything from produce, film, direct, edit etc., creating a one minute film for Instagram to further aid in promoting the party. I’ve done five now and I’m very much so enjoying it. I also have a short film that I wrote which is going into production late this spring, and then Ace and I plan to reunite this summer to write a feature.

The wonderful world of Instagram is a great way to get in touch. That way I can vet you before I respond ;) My personal Instagram is @theothersamfox. If you like what you see, feel free to email me at